Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Halfway House

Argentine LaLado left, Little Tyme middle and Argentine Saltador yesterday morning.

The girls enjoying their new pasture and green grass. I can see them outside of every window from the farm house now. I just love it! They are so far out that they aren't coming in for me, for grain, for anything. Good for them. This is as close to paradise that they've been in. 60 acres of roaming, ponds, forests and green grass. I'll probably never see them again.

Milkweed catches my eye whenever I'm outside this time of year. It is a really cool plant.

The guest house..."The Halfway House" we're naming this for reasons obvious and maybe not so obvious! Let's just go this far; it is going to be placed halfway between right and wrong!

What a week! Here is the guest house now dubbed, "The Halfway House" for obvious reasons and not so obvious! Let's just say this much, it is going to be placed "halfway between right and wrong!" The girls were released into their new pasture. What a beautiful site. I can see them out of every window of our house. I just love it. The milkweed is interesting and catches my eye everytime I go out in the pastures. Enjoy your week.

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