Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Fall (and what we're doing about it!)

It's fall and we've done an incredible amount of work and changes at our farm. Today I picked Macintosh apples...a bushel of them. I piled all my barnboard birdhouses under the deck and soon into storage until next spring. My stud llamas are all up at the house. Why is this a big deal? Because at Ground Zero there is not an adequate shelter and there is not an automatic waterer. Now they have TWO shelters, a 20 acre pasture and an automatic waterer. Life is getting better.
Finally our buffalo are gone. Yup, that's right. Gone. As in not at our farm. Not ours any longer. You know relocated, gone. Buffalo Steve from Caledonia with our herd now has a staggering 300 head to boast about.
Minnesota Minis is building a guest house for all our friends coming to visit our llamas. The guest house will be available for free to our llama friends. Others may enjoy our area for their antiquing, hiking, biking and trout fishing treks and stay at a cost of $75 a night. So those are the major changes to our lives.
It is fall and we are starting the hunkering down process.

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