Monday, September 14, 2009

The Road I Run

The wine grapes in the vineyard
The hay fields

At the end of the run I come home

The beans are nearly ready

The hay is cut and put away

the yellowing soybeans

The final stretch home

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Blue Heron Knittery

I went to the Blue Heron Knittery in scenic Decorah, Iowa on Saturday. If you're a fiber junkie you won't want to miss this stop. About 25 minutes from the Halfway House. I mean if you're coming to see the llamas you must make the time for this! Books, patterns, yarns, rovings, spinning wheels and nice people.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Making Mittens!

MITTENS and more mittens. I am making mittens from our llama felt and knitting cuffs out of either our buffalo yarn or the llama yarn and adding a decorative button after I line each mitten with warm, soft polar fleece. They're really warm and people love these! The bottom picture is the updated Halfway House now getting wired for electricity.
It's in the 20's here and feels warmer and the days are getting longer.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Maggie says, "and they think this is fun?!"
The half baked "halfway" house is taking shape.

Fun...Minnesota style

Blake and Jim having a good time!

This is Minnesota's version of what to do on a snowy day.

Did I mention it's 7 degrees out today?????

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hunting Deer in a Major Snowstorm

The great snow hunt
The top photo shows the snow covered trees, ground and pretty much everything less than 72 hours ago while I was on my last day of our deer season. This was taken with my cell phone (yes I hunt with a cell phone so I can text friends while waiting and waiting and waiting), the second one is ME covered with snow and getting more of it by the second and the last is my shotgun. It was a pleasant day and I enjoyed the quiet of it all. You could hear each snowflake falling and landing and actually it was quite noisy. There were zero tracks and it was very pristine. Mine were covered within 20 minutes. Oh, if anyone is interested I never got a shot off. I only spotted two the entire season and neither one presented a shot for myself. Oh well it was a great time in the woods and nature. I had a squirrel less than 10" from my face and a chickadee landed on me! I heard osprey over head and saw a bald eagle. Hunting is good for my soul.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Halfway House

Argentine LaLado left, Little Tyme middle and Argentine Saltador yesterday morning.

The girls enjoying their new pasture and green grass. I can see them outside of every window from the farm house now. I just love it! They are so far out that they aren't coming in for me, for grain, for anything. Good for them. This is as close to paradise that they've been in. 60 acres of roaming, ponds, forests and green grass. I'll probably never see them again.

Milkweed catches my eye whenever I'm outside this time of year. It is a really cool plant.

The guest house..."The Halfway House" we're naming this for reasons obvious and maybe not so obvious! Let's just go this far; it is going to be placed halfway between right and wrong!

What a week! Here is the guest house now dubbed, "The Halfway House" for obvious reasons and not so obvious! Let's just say this much, it is going to be placed "halfway between right and wrong!" The girls were released into their new pasture. What a beautiful site. I can see them out of every window of our house. I just love it. The milkweed is interesting and catches my eye everytime I go out in the pastures. Enjoy your week.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

MEA weekend in Minnesota

Here is Blake with his new "fro" for Halloween!
Poor Chilly tore her knee tendons during a breed check! I feel SO badly for her. She is getting grain, special hay and fresh water INSIDE our big barn for the next week.
As my farm manager, I don't think Blake planned on this being part of the least he hoped the female looked better to Saltador than he did!
Jim and I went out in the woods looking for arrowheads and found these weird things growing on the trees.
We went to a craft fair, picked out our pumpkins, did more breedings and breed checks and rode horses. Grandma and Grandpa came to visit and we had a lot of good fun and laughs. Dave is working on a very cool deer stand in a double secret woods location. His cell phone works so I know he can't be all that far away!