Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hunting Deer in a Major Snowstorm

The great snow hunt
The top photo shows the snow covered trees, ground and pretty much everything less than 72 hours ago while I was on my last day of our deer season. This was taken with my cell phone (yes I hunt with a cell phone so I can text friends while waiting and waiting and waiting), the second one is ME covered with snow and getting more of it by the second and the last is my shotgun. It was a pleasant day and I enjoyed the quiet of it all. You could hear each snowflake falling and landing and actually it was quite noisy. There were zero tracks and it was very pristine. Mine were covered within 20 minutes. Oh, if anyone is interested I never got a shot off. I only spotted two the entire season and neither one presented a shot for myself. Oh well it was a great time in the woods and nature. I had a squirrel less than 10" from my face and a chickadee landed on me! I heard osprey over head and saw a bald eagle. Hunting is good for my soul.

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llamas55 said...

A chickadee landed on you, boy you must be blending in oh Patient One